After-concert fun with fellow Camerata California friends

Left to right: Laurel Jensen,
​Ava DeLara, Barbara Lazar

​​​Dramatic Soprano

Ava DeLara

Ava DeLara


"DeLara...sang with poise, strength and polish"..."Every note was cleanly hit.  

Her highs were ​brilliant while in the middle, and especially down low, she ​sounded

deliciously warm and sensuous."   Laudate Dominum (excerpt) Vesperae Solennes de Dominica -- W. A. Mozart   MP3 (899 KB)
Robert A. Masullo--The Sacramento Bee

"In [the] duet, DeLara seemed to present more of a lyrical quality with listenable high notes that seemed effortless. Like the men soloists before them, these two women seemed well matched, especially when they turned to each other to produce a beautifully coordinated a cappella cadenza. It must have felt right because I noticed DeLara’s smile as the piece ended."

                                                               Recordare (An American Requiem duet w/K. Moss-Miller) -- James DeMars  MP3 10 MB

​​                                                                                                                       Dick Frantzreb--Sacramento Choral Calendar

"Soprano Ava DeLara, in this movement, gave us the first taste of her rich, controlled voice.  As she sang, I was impressed with her restraint as she built to a thrilling climax."                Et Misericordia (Magnificat trio) -- Gabriel Ruiz-Bernal  MP3 (6.MB)

​                                                                                                                       Dick Frantzreb--Sacramento Choral Calendar

"Ava DeLara was superb as Ariadne in the Greek mythological opera 'Ariadne auf Naxos' ... Her effective acting combined with her voice ​was truly moving."
                                                                                                                      Sandy Wallace--The Fairfield Reporter

..."[S]oprano Ava DeLara shone in both the elegant 'Salve Regina' and 'Dixit Dominus' of Handel. DeLara has a strong, confident voice that expressed well the plaintive passages of the 'Salve Regina,' especially the high 'O Clemens, O Pia' section and the more forceful 'De Torrente' in the 'Dixit.' ... "When Shoemaker and DeLara sang together near the end of the work ['Dixit'], they seemed angelic."

                                                                              Domine Deus (Salva Regina)  -- G.F. Händel  MP3 (4 MB) 
                                                                              De Torrente (Dixit Dominus duet w/Shoemaker) -- G.F. Händel   MP3 (2.60 MB)

Patricia Beach Smith--The Sacramento Bee

"One of my favorite sections was 'To Music, To Becalm His Fever' ... in which soprano Ava DeLara was accompanied only by the children’s choir.  It was a beautiful combination that made for very pleasant listening, and I was especially impressed by DeLara’s performance.  I have heard so many sopranos lose 50% of their tone when working in the lower part of their range.  Not so with DeLara, whose low range was clear and strong, matching the beauty and power of her upper register."                            To Music  -- Matthew Harris  MP3 (5 MB)

​                                                                                                                       Dick Frantzreb--Sacramento Choral Calendar

​​(The) "Dies Irae began with a solo by soprano, Ava DeLara. It featured a long crescendo that demonstrated the great power and drama of which DeLara is capable, as she matched (and topped) the simultaneous crescendos by the organ and timpani." 

​                                                                                                                       Dick Frantzreb--Sacramento Choral Calendar

Ava DeLara needs recognition for giving “I know that my Redeemer liveth” some special umph! First, her pleasing tone quality and beautiful bellrung notes were simply divine. I enjoyed hearing a lady behind me take note of DeLara's control and pitch perfection, adding just before she began singing, “I try to make it to all the concerts where I know she is singing.” The placement and quality of vowels makes this lengthy aria delightful or dull. I was delighted that DeLara made this aria special with her beautifully shaped vowels... slightly adjusting placement while adding the contrast necessary to break up the monotony. I’m grateful I paid close attention to her outstanding performance.

                                                                                                                       JR Keith--Sacramento Choral Calendar